Bartender looking to move to Siem Reap, are jobs available?

Looking to move to Siem Reap in October of 2018, I am an experienced server and bartender from the United States, wondering if there are any jobs available for foreigners in the service industry in Siem Reap and if there are any decent job listings.



Don't know why you want to work in a third world country with a minimum wage of 170 usd a month.

But it's a choice of course.

Obviously Phnom Penh offers more jobs than Siem reap.

If I were you I would start in PP, get a job and in the meantime search for a job in SR. But I'm not you ;)
There might not be so much available in SR, it's not a big city.

There are job recruiters, I have listed some in another thread, maybe you can search for it. If you don't find it I will search and list them again.

Good luck.

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