Looking to move to my dream city

I am a photographer that works between NYC and Montana who specializes in fashion, beauty and model development and would be looking to possibly transition that into lifestyle photography for tourists that visit the city. I also photograph food/drinks, interiors and products. I also write for SLR Lounge and would be able to maintain that part time work from anywhere around he globe.

That being said, in a past life I was a barista and ended up managing a local coffee shop. After starting my life completely over, this sounds pretty ideal again. I found the best coffeeshop last week called coffeehouse Salzburg and would work there in a heartbeat.

I am just learning German and have a little French and Spanish. Is this a total lost cause to move to the city of my dreams?

I have visited 4 times now and am never ready to leave. It is truly where I feel alive, feel at home and am the happiest.

I am a freelance writer and would be able to tutor English and would even look at being a tour guide, Baker, etc. I think the only thing my body might not be able to handle is working in a pub with smoke because of my asthma. .

I made some friends the last time I was there a few weeks ago and would love to meet new people as well. I appreciate all of your help. It doesn’t need to be forever... but I would like to live more than three months if I could

I too wanted to live my life in my dream city of Vienna.

Unfortunately, career and family responsibilities prevented me from realizing this aspiration of mine.

In terms of learning German, I strongly recommend the complete German course from Fluenz.com.  I studied German for many years using a variety of courses and this one by far is the best I have ever used.

If you want to stay in Austria longer than three months, even with a US passport, you must apply to the Austrian government for a residency visa, which will allow you to stay for much longer periods of time.

Whether you seek employment or plan to be self-employed, you must become part of the Austrian health system, which is excellent.

I still have very strong feelings for Austria and may return in a few years depending on what happens here at home in New York.  Even considering starting up my German studies again.  Yet, what I fell in love with in Austria in 1993, the tradition and history, no longer appears to be a part of the daily lives of Austrians when I was last there in 2014.

To me, it was this reverence for their past that had me so much wanting to be a part of it.  But Austrians found it easier to follow the ways of American culture, which I have enough of right here at home...

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure how my original post was copied under a different profile? But alas...

I truly appreciate it. I have only been exposed since 2001 and I love the people and their culture. I like that many choose relationships over work...

I will look into three months and go from there.

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