How many months maximum does a person sublet an apartment in Belgium?

I want to get Belgium dual ciizenship and live in asia but to get Belgium citizenship I have to rent apartment.
I talked to one owner and she was going to rent to me and said i could sublease then she said she didnt want to sublease.
What is the longest one can sublease legally in Belgium and how many months of subleasing do you think is reasonable for an owner?


This is what Belgian law states:

- The tenant who does not live the property he rents, can not sublet this property (in whole or in part) to a person who would like to make his main residence. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule:

-1) A municipality, a CPAS, a non-profit organization or a social purpose association may sublet a rented property entirely to less well-off people or in difficult social situations. The main lessor must agree. The dwelling can only be used as a principal residence for tenants.
-2) A tenant of a commercial property may sublet a party to a person who uses it as their principal residence. This possibility is subject to three conditions:
-a) the commercial lease contract may not contain any clause prohibiting subletting
-b) only part of the rented property can be subleased
-c) the tenant of a commercial property must continue his commercial activities in the rented property

And from a logistical point of view, according to your statement that you will not live in Belgium but abroad, if I was a lessor, I would say no, too. Because if something happened in the apartment, who would take care of it ...

Ok but they would pay deposit also wud cover that

So what !!!

Finding a valid tenant is already very difficult at the moment. So if it's to start with a sub-tenant ...

Why are many tenants there that bad? What do they do?

failure to pay rent
destruction of the rented property
disappears without leaving an address
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There are also bad landlords. But most of the time, the degradations and incivilities come from the tenants.

Ok i have seen many people on facebook groups saying they are subleasing their apartment for a year.
I asked one guy why so many dont want me to sublease he says you have to get lucky find a nice owner alot are shitty owners.
Is this true?

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