How to apply for Employment Pass in Malaysia

Hello there everyone,

I urgently need some advice or suggestions. I wish to employ my cousin from Taiwan. The problem here is that he doesn’t have any higher education certification as he was schooled in church and therefore did not sit for any official exams.

Is there any way to go about it? Just a side note: his father was a Malaysian but renounced it when he got married to a Taiwanese and is currently applying for a resident pass.

I am praying that there is some way to help my cousin as he having trouble looking for a job without proper education papers. He is currently 23 years old.

Thanking everyone in advance.

There is no real solution without some kind of qualifications and work experience. The guide says

"The minimum requirements to apply for an expatriate posts are as follows:
• Degree and above, with at least 3 years’ experience in the relevant field;
• Diploma, with at least 5 years’ experience in the relevant field;
• Technical Certificate or equivalent, with at least 7 years’ experience in the relevant field."

Suggest you check the same guide to see if your company is incorporated in a way that allows you to hire foreigners. … r-2017.pdf

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