Job Offer for Malaysian/Foreign Girl in Munich

Hello, there! I'm Syazween :)

Currently I am working in real estate developer as Senior Marketing Executive in a public listed company in Malaysia. Since my recent travel to Germany in March 2018, I fell in love with the culture and decided to move to Germany and look for jobs. I am also traveling again to Germany in December for leisure about 3 weeks.

I am learning German language and graduated from a H+ University (in Malaysia) with Bachelors in Mass communication (Hons.) Public Relations. With extensive research on migration and visa, I understand that for Jobseeker visa, I will need to apply from German Embassy in Malaysia and get 6 months duration to find a job in Germany.

Moreover, I know that it is possible to get an employment visa if I manage to secure a job beforehand, however with my experience, education and professional background might be difficult to find a job in Germany. I don't mind to switch industry and profession that might suits me and benefit the company/country as migrating is a big move and a start of new life.

Kindly recommend and suggest me, I would really appreciate it. Vielen Dank!

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Thank you so much for the info @anneshks! :D

I am posting a link below to the English version of the official German governmental website that deals with such matters. Note that they are multiple requirements and documentation needed for a JSV.

The bottom line in having a chance of finding a job usually comes down to language skills. There are some fields in IT or academic positions in high level science and math where English might be accepted or even the working language. Otherwise, speaking very good German is basically required to do a professional job. We often hear from people on this site hoping for a job and they not only don’t speak German but their English is honestly not good. Often immigrants speak English as a second or third language on a level that was enough for their home country but not for a professional position in Germany.

One should really try to research their targeted field in the internet and see what kind of jobs and what companies might come in question. Otherwise, it can be an expensive and depressing experience to make such an effort where one has virtually no realistic chance of success. And sorry there are no secret tips - one has to show that they have something a potential employer really needs or wants. The fact that one desires to work in Germany plays no role at all. No jobs get given out of pity. And one might question why a company would even bother to consider a person not already residing in Germany since it means extra paper work and permits. Usually it is because there are serious shortages of qualified workers – which only apply to very select fields – or the people can be hired for significantly lower wages. … -node.html

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