S pass application pending

My new employer has filed  S pass for me but the MOM online service is showing as Employment Pass.

Little background
I am holding an EP for two years and due to some stupid reason my employer was not able to renew my visa( client didn't approved budget for hike). So i got another job who filed a S pass for me with 5k salary. Right now I am on social visit pass and visa was filed on 17th may and old visa expired on 18th may.

Any one knows why it shows employment pass?

We always encourage members to read out old threads which will resolve your queries (most of the cases).

Regarding your query, we have mentioned many times that at MoM site it doesn’t differentiate between EP or S pass when you check your status report. So, don’t get confused. But when you receive your card, there you will see the difference. Good luck

Hi, I tried searching through other threads but didn't get clear information so just posted it here. Thanks for your time. I will update you about the result.

Hi friend i am in same exact situation what was your result.

Hi surya, hope you doing good what was vbv611 result , did he get back to you. thanks in adavance.

Users don’t send me result personally. If you don’t see his response here means he didn’t update his case.

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