Dormitories in Ankara

Hi! I'm a 22-year-old student from Spain and I'll go to Ankara on June to do my internship. I'll be working in Çankaya district, so I'm looking for a student dormitory in that zone. Anybody knows anyone?

Hello. Which part of Cankaya? Cause, it's a large area.

In the embassies area, cause I'll be working at the Spanish embassy

Spanish Embassy is close to my apartment. I live near Atakule.  What is a budget?

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3 alternatives for u. Have a nice day

It depends, if it is a shared appartement, 750TL

Thank you very much!

You are welcome :rolleyes:


Although the question was asked 1 year ago, maybe this answer can help anybody who search dormitory in Ankara/TURKEY.

For male dormitories : … i-yurtlari

For female dormitories : … i-yurtlari

Thanks for your contribution.

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