Deported from Singapore 2014

Hello People living in Singapore,

This is a quick question, I was deported and got banned on December 2014 at Changi Airport Singapore because I don't have a return ticket to show since it was my first travel internationally I was naive and stupid., My question is am I still allowed to enter SG fro my vacation next month? Or my banned has already been lifted?

Go through the below link:

Please reach out ICA using correct email address as mentioned in below link to get a confirmation from ICA on travel ban before trying to re-enter again. Carry that email confirmation while traveling. Good luck

Note: ICA response may vary between a week or two. You may drop a reminder incase you don’t get any response.

thank you very much Surya2k, will do!

Did u get a reply ?


Nope I didn't/t get the chance to send them an email.

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