A comfortable, healthy lifestyle.

I am dreaming of a place to relocate from Denver, Colorado, that is warm year-round, has good healthcare, good food and entertainment and where two of us can afford to have a housekeeper on less than three of thousand dollars a month.

I am 59 years old. I don't want to start taking Social Security until I'm 70,  so I'll need an income until then. I don't have much in savings anymore.

I'm thinking somewhere in Panama will check all the boxes I want. I love the convenience of the city and all it offers, but might be drawn to a suburb.

In other words, I haven't found my Shangri-La yet, but am looking.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for all your input.


I think the city is the most expensive and stressful place to live. Maybe look at Coronado area if you like beach, or Boquete if you like mountains. But, depending on what you mean by good food and entertainment it might have to be the city.

How will you earn the income you need?

hard to make money in panama ,, pay is not good even when you find a job ,, i have an expat friend got tired of retirement went to work for best buy canada here in panama at their call center ,, his base pay for a 6 day a week 8 hour job is 650 a month has never gotten a commission or bonus that i know of ,, another friend got a good job with dell call center started at 750 now makes about a grand a month but again is 6 day 8 hour day job

Thanks, Wolfman!

Good morning Tom,
I suggest you check out---villadavina.com---
It has been described as a "shangrl-la" and an "oasis" by those who have visited.

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