Opening a new bank account in Malaysia

Could you please tell me or guide me where to go to find this info. What is the process and what would be required to open a bank account in Malaysia? We are planning for the future. thank you

To open a Malaysian Ringgit account, a visa (Pass) is required. Either Employment or MM2H can be used. Letter from the employer or the MM2H approval letter are also required.

You take your passport and the documents to the bank of your choice and they will process opening the account.


Mostly, all banks in Malaysia offer a wide range of savings and current account facilities to their customers. Malaysian banking consists of basic accounts as well as Shariah-compliant accounts for customers to choose from. The difference between the two accounts basically lies in their usage and requirements.

Chech this -  [link moderated] hopefull this would answer all your questions.

Hi Gravitas,

               Thanks for your information. If the person is spouse of Malaysian citizen and living in Malaysia on Spouse Visa/ Social Visit Pass. Is he or she also eligible to open bank account in Malaysia??

I think only if the person is working i.e. has EP or LTSVP endorsement for employment

But do check with Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia -

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