Travelling with large dog in Airlines

Hi there.  Does anyone have experience with travelling with large dogs in carriers.  We will be travelling from Hurghada Airport (Egypt) to Prague and then onto Madrid with our dog in a large carrier.

We have all her paperwork.  The problem is that we have never travelled with a large dog and we are a bit nervous about it.

If anyone has any good tips we would be extremely grateful.

For example

Should we book her in as extra luggage before we get to the airport?

How does it work when we get to the airport? Do we just go through security with everyone else or is there a special area we goto? 

We have a connecting flight from Prague to Madrid.  Does our dog go onto the other flight automatically or do we pick her up and process her again.

Thank you

In general; large dogs in carriers are transported as cargo, so I suspect you'll be issued with call forward instructions for the airline's cargo section; if you need any advice about the process/procedures during transfer, you can speak to the airline you've booked her with, but my experience is that the airlines are experienced in this kind of operation, so will not need your assistance - you'll just need to turn up at the final destination to collect her.

I wish you and her the best of luck in your journey.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you for your response. That was very helpful.

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