Life in Tianjin, China for expat

Hello this is Pooja goyal from India. My husband is getting job in Tianjin and we are moving there within 6 months. I would like to know about the the city. Following are some points which I have in mind to discuss

1. How is the education in Tianjin? as I have 4 year old kid which is the good  school there?

2. Which is the best place to stay, where all the necessities like supermarkets,  shopping
complex, Hospitals would be nearby and what would be the  fully furnished accommodation charges there?

3.How is the transportation facility?

4. How is the internet facility there. I heard that Facebook, YouTube, watsapp doesn't work there?  If yes, then which website and social media apps work there?

5. How is the whether there?

6. And how is the cost of living there?

Thanks!! ☺️

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