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Hi, I am Malaysian. I am looking for jobs in Gothenburg with working visa. I am planning to move ang working in my dreamed country, Sweden.

HI rafyjafry,

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What kind of job are you looking for please?


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Hi Priscilla, I am graduated with Bachelor Science (Hons) Material Science and Technology. So I am looking for job that related  with my study field, this is my first option.

I don't mind actually of any kind of jobs that they can offer me as long as I can living my life there  :)  and of cause I need working visa from the company .

By the way, thank you for your reply :)

Hi Rafyjafry,

Feel free to create your cv in the Jobs in Gothenburg section, you might land an opportunity. You will also find some useful tips in the Work in Gothenburg article.

All the best,

Thank you Bhavna <3

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