Desire to change life

Hi everyone,
many things have changed in my professional and private life, I feel a strong need for a major change and the indonesia, which several years ago I visited, is a fantastic destination for my way of life and my culture.
Although I am 58 years old I am very young in appearance and in spirit.
Of course first I have to find a good job, I am a manager and I deal with sales and creation of commercial networks but I do not know where I could start from.
My father is married to an Indonesian but they live in Italy so I can not count on their support.
I would be really grateful if you could help me to show me the right path. Thanks anyway and I hope to hear from you.
Marco Mascalchi

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
The first thing you need to do is identify possible employers, then apply to as many as you can find. Whilst age isn't restricted for foreign employees by law (last time I checked), many companies are looking for younger people so your age is likely to work against you.

To work legally you need:
A work permit supplied and paid for by your company
A KITAS temporary stay permit, again supplied by your employer.

To obtain the above your employer must:
Pay US$1,200 per year
Pay around one million Rupiah per year to immigration
Prove a local employee can't or isn't available to do the job.

Step one is clearly to list yourself with recruitment agencies and management consultant firms in Indonesia. If anyone is interested in your abilities or experience you will probably be offered an interview via skype or the like. If accepted they will take care of all the paperwork necessary for you to work in Indonesia.

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