Bringing Pets

Is it possible to bring 4(four) small dogs to Cambodja? What is the procedure please



Gosh Casper that is a tough one , depending on where you want to live, not a lot of rentals will allow a dog, some will for sure, but 4, I live by the royal palace and there are a lot of stray dogs aggressive towards other dogs , yet not a problem I’ve seen for people, just my two cents wort as they say, and I’m talking about Phnom Penh only, I imagine  out in the province areas of Cambodia no problem, , good luck,

Thank you  for the reply, appreciate it

Here you'll find all information about pets in Cambodia. … -one-here/


Cambodia expert team

Additionally to the vaccinations, I was asked to have my pet chipped prior to bringing him over.

Thank you very much for the information  Sir

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