Travelling to mayanmar via kuala lumpur

Hi would be travelling to Myanmar via connecting flight from kuala lumpur, The issue is i have a Out Stamp from Malaysian Immigration i.e for 5 years

Will this hamper my travel to mayanmar

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Abhilash Anand

Do you need a transit visa?

No i have Visa on arrival , ts just a short visit

Well VOA is not possible because of your status.  Indians require a pre-arranged visitors entry visa.

You would need to remain flightside (Air Side) in transit. But check with airline so you can actually fly into Malaysia.

Check on a transit visa application

what if i am collecting my baggae from my last destination ie in mayanmar

Still there would be issues

See above

You could refer your question to the chat line here


If you are already check in for the next flight and do not plan to leave the airport terminal (i.e. you just want to wait for the next flight in the terminal building), Malaysian visa is not required.

Please consult your airline / travel agent to ensure that you will get your boarding pass for the connecting flight without going out from the main terminal.

Please read further for the case for passenger who depart / arrive from / at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).


Visitors who depart / arrive at / from Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at KLIA MUST posses valid Malaysian visa (or eligible for Transit Pass), doesn’t matter how long the waiting / transit time is (i.e. you can not wait for the next flight inside the terminal building). WHY?

Air Asia is a point to point carrier. Thus, they didn't provide transit (without check out) facility for their passengers. i.e. passenger has to check out from the airport and re-check-in again for the next flight. Passenger has to pass through the immigration check and valid Malaysian visa / Transit Pass is absolutely required for that.

Currently, Air Asia had announce Transit facility for certain route (with Single PNR ticket only). Do check with them for clarification.

KLIA2 Immigration Land line: +603-877 854 61/62.

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