Brits Thinking of Moving to Colombia

If you are from the UK and thinking of moving to Colombia to live, be aware of both the advantages and pitfalls involved in such a move.

One of the biggest considerations is supporting yourself in your old age, and unless you have a Private or Occupational Pension, that could prove to be a problem, as Colombia is a country on the list of 'Frozen Pensions'.

That means that is you are moving to Colombia already having reached State pension age, the pension you receive on the date you leave the UK, is the pension you will receive for the rest of your life. If you move to Colombia prior to pension age, then the date you first receive your pension, will be the amount you receive for the rest of your life.

There are a few Organisations petitioning the UK Government to change this anomaly of which the ICBP is probably the best known, but they have been going for years, and as soon as they seem to be making headway, something comes along and puts a fly in the ointment, so don't bank on a change anytime soon!

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