Studio in Quatre Bornes

Hello everyone,

I am actively looking for a studio in Quatre Bornes. I will live there only during weekdays cause my workplace is really far from where I live. It's taking a toll on me.

Is MUR 7000 per month reasonable for the rent? I don't need much, just has to be furnished. With 1 bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living room. Nothing too fancy.

I'm looking for a very safe neighbourhood - not necessarily poshy but ya know, nothing dodgy.

Thank you!

Try the housing in Mauritius section, top of this page.

Hi everyone,

[at]ghmims, Indeed try the housing section, maybe facebook as well and the local newspaper (l'express newspaper - classifieds). Rs. 7000 seems just, perhaps you should consider flatsharing if you're ok with it.

I did a quick search on l'express property website, but couldn't find any offer below Rs. 10,000 for the time being.

Good luck,

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