Great Firewall of China and VPNs

Hello. I am an Australian thinking about going to China, because I'm really interested in its culture. I'd like to live there for a bit too. However, my job is dependent on having an unfiltered and unrestricted Internet connection. And as I understand I need a VPN.

So I did a bit of research and I'm now considering between NordVPN and Astrill, because they both seem to work with bypassing China's firewall. However I'm leaning more towards NordVPN, because it also supports Netflix, which might be nice to have.

What do you guys think? Do you use anything?

Ok, I've picked the the free trial of Nord, so far so impressed. Speeds are pretty great, you can watch Netflix and it should work in China according to them.

I was wondering the same thing. Is that a Chinese vpn service? or you purchased in Australia?

I would recommend ExpressVPN, have been using it for 3 years, fast and stable connection.  I believe they do provide free 30-days trial … _dashboard
We can both get 30 days extra if you sign up with them.  Please also tell me if Nord are working better than ExpressVPN

I've been using Astrill for several years now and find them unsurpassed. Forget so called free VPN's they don't work. Astrill is the best by far in my experience. Just make sure you pay your subscription before it expires. Costs about RMB 400 a year.

liuox :

I was wondering the same thing. Is that a Chinese vpn service? or you purchased in Australia?

No it isn't a Chinese based service. NordVPN is based in Panama so out of 14 eyes jurisdiction it seems. Any Chinese based VPN's wouldn't allow to cross their great firewall so it would kinda defeat the purpose. You have to get it before hand I think, but I heard there are ways how people buy subscriptions for VPNs in China too.

Ok, so anyway I had a positive experience with NordVPN: fast, secure and reliable. So I've decided to pick it up. Googled a bit for deals and found this one deal. 3$USD a month seems pretty good to me :) Maybe it will be of use to someone.

There are many out there, I pay for both NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Express costs more, but it is faster.  The problem with ExpressVPN is that it is the most popular so it draws the most attention and thus interruption.  It is a cat and mouse game between the VPN suppliers and the government.  That is why I keep 2.  My advice is not which VPR, rather when.  Buy it and install it before you come, it is getting almost impossible to find sites to download the VPN applications inside the firewall, almost all sites offering software downloads have been shut down.  So, you have to be outside the firewall to download the software.  I also recommend you bring a VPN router, these seem to work really well.  I bought an ExpressVPN router.  Then all devices are open to the outside.

I think I am going to try VyprVPN, it is second ranked VPN next to ExpressVPN. Have anyone had experience with it? How does a VPN router work?

VPN routers work like any router, just the router connects to the internet through a VPN so that all devices connected through that router are VPN protected...

I use Express VPN and some friends use Astrill. They both can access Net Flix.

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