For the tenants in Dresden

I moved in Dresden last January, so I am still kind of new here. Soon, I'll be looking to meet new people again.
At the moment, I am especially to make a life without Facebook. Doesn't seem to be that easy!
Anyway, I am also currently working on a personal project to help other expats to find their dream flat. If you a renting a place in Dresden, please visit this page and click on the link to fill in the survey. It is both in German and English so feel free to share it as well. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum.

Normally, advertising, whether services or commercial blogs/personal commercial websites is not allowed on the forum section. However you are most welcome to share your experience on the different threads or even create a topic if you have any questions.

Try to drop an advert in the Dresden classifieds under the testimonies section so that members can fill in your survey.

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You should ask a student or expert of statistical sociology, who is familiar with designing questionnaires, to re-design yours. As it is now, you won't get many reasonable, true or useful replies with it!
Also, the purpose of the whole excercise is unclear.


First of all, I am sorry I posted this in the wrong place. I just tried to put it in the correct section of classified ads.

Then, thank you for the feedback. There is a link in the survey that redirect you to a blog post where you'll find more explanation.
About the design, this is Google form, the template is already created. We are still working with low budget at the moment. We're looking to improve that, as soon as we publish the website. For that, I'll be grateful if you could share the form to the people you know in town. Thanks

I did not mean the appearance (Google Form), but the content:
There are questions that are unclear (at least in the English version), others have several possible repliy choices that seem the same, yet others where the repüly choices do not cover all possible situations (I couldn't answer some of them, but answering was compulsory). Also, it is not clear who should or should not answer the survey.
An example: I was forced to answer questions about my landlord, house management, rental agent, etc. although I have none of these.

Ow okay, I see what you mean now.

For the questions, I understand that some of them can seem unclear or similar. Still, they are a bit different, some people can answer yes to one and no to another. It is important for us to see that.

The survey is to be filled in by people who rent a place in Dresden, I will check it out to make it clearer. Thanks

It is also misleading that in some questions 1=good and 4=bad, and others 1=bad and 4=good.
And some imply the answer to be given.
Altogether, there is a justification in having professionals design surveys.

The questions have been read many times by our team, and we've been asking professional for their inputs as well. That quotation specifically has been recommended by themselves.
I did write more information on the description to make it clearer for future answers according to your feedback. Thanks again.

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