Hi, I am a UK national and my partner is a Philippines national.  We plan to spend a year in Cambodia starting from October 2018. I have heard that the visa rules have changed recently.  If it would make it easier we could apply for work but it's not a necessity.  What is the best visa for us? Would we have to leave the country every month to renew it?


Without doing anything in particular you could use the EG [general] extension of stay, after your initial one month E visa [Ordinary]. The EG extension is max. 6 months, so 7 months after your entry you have to leave the country. But you can come back, again on an E visa 1 month and extend it again with a EG extension. It is not known if this is accepted, to use the EG extension more than once, still waiting for reports in the field. Some agents claim that they can get a second EG extension, even without leaving the country, but I think that is bragging and it would be illegal too.

You could also make it easier by joining a language school or any study at a accredited institute.
Then while here on the E visa, apply for the ES [student] extension for a year, multiple entry. You need to provide a letter from that Institute that you are enlisted.

If you want to work there wait some more or less complicated applications.
First, after the E visa, you need the EB [business] extension, for a year. You need an official letter from your registered employer, including the official stamp and letterhead.

You also need a work permit, which you can do yourself on line.

Hope this helps.

Cambodia expert team

Thanks for that. We so intend to learn the language so will be enrolling in a school. Thanks again.

You're welcome.



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