House building

Hi Hoping someone can give me some advice.
My wife owns a piece of land that was left to her by her father when he died .
We are hoping to build a house on this land if possible ,our problem is that just now the land is being used to grow rice.
I was wondering if anyone knows how much would it cost to raise this land by approximately two feet and how long does it need to settle before we can build on it.
The land is one and half Rai in size .
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The cost will vary depending on land location, time of year and how much soil is needed.  The bigger the job the lower cost per load.  I cannot give a price because you need check the local area.

Assuming land connects to road make sure you fill 1-2 feet higher than road.

Settle time for soil I was told should be at least 2 years (2 rainy seasons).

Thanks for your reply ,the land is next to a surfaced road with power lines running along the road.
The land is near a small village between Yasothon and Udon Ratchathani ,North east Thailand.
I thought it would probably need to sit for the time you suggested ,I was just hoping that someone could maybe give me a rough cost as I was hoping to make a start at the end harvest Time this year.
               Thanks though for your help Straydog.

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