Planning our move to the Peloponnese. Feb 2019.

Good day to all,

Jan and I are planning our permanent move to the Peloponnese to start in February 2019. I will be visiting between 3rd and 14th of July to try to locate a long term let for us both.

Ideally somewhere out of town as we like our wildlife, and with enough space to get some produce growing.

As an experienced Non Ferrous fabricator and welder / Sheet Metal worker, I'll be offering my services along with Interior / Exterior decorating and landscape gardening work to keep us both occupied.

Any suggestions or recommendations for the project will be very gratefully received.

With kind regards to to all,

Don Baker.

Hello Don,your move sounds good,you will love it on the Peloponnese.You dont say where exactly you intend to stay down there,which place?Mani,Stoupa?nearKalamata?and how can we help you or advise you?There are lots of expats down that way so you will find some backup and company.I think you might find some work from expats,decorating maintenance but not on the Greek job market.Tell us more of the things you want to know.

Hello Concertina,

Thank you very much for your reply. All advice greatly appreciated.

We don't know where we will be yet. That's why I'm going to the Peloponnese in July to look, learn and try to find somewhere in line with our nature and country side life style aspirations.



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