Best Islands for part time life in Greece

Ive visited 9 islands and Peloponnese on past vacations but would like to find an island for 2-4 month off season stays-spring or fall-- not deep winter.  Partial to the cyclades for their beauty--gotta have the white buildings.  Which islands would be best for finding nice rentals near a beach, has good walks/hikes, good food markets, restaurants and taverns open spring and fall able to meet expats or vacationing Europeans without a 'scene'.  Furnished, reasonable doesn't have to be ultra cheap, and an island with good access to flying out or ferrying out in the off season.  Many thanks.  Im not finding sites with really thorough info for this sort of thing.  Any ideas for that?  Can I get by without a car...use taxis, buses for on island exploring?

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The Telegraph had an article about that : … k-islands/  but i guess that would be mainly for tourism, just in case you might have a look.

I hope you get some feedback on your search. Members have been posting but mostly on cities : Best cities to live in Greece, perhaps you could post your question on that same thread.

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