Spass result, do we need to exit?

Hi! Just a question. If the pass will be approved and his ipa will be release on or before his last day in singapore. Do we need to exit and come back again? Or just go to ica and show the ipa then they will provide extension? To process the spass card. Thanks! Is the ipa valid document to stay beyond your allowed stay? Thank you so much. Bec his last day on may 17. Hopefully result will come anytime soon.

Don’t take such decisions. You can’t guarantee that your pass will be approved then your IPA letter will be issued and you will get the letter before the last day stay at Singapore. Any over staying will be resulted heavy penalties including rejection of your work pass.

If you get IPA letter on last day of your stay in Singapore then you can visit ICA office (4th floor) to request for extension. But, be prepared and planned to leave Singapore as hardly 3 days left. Good luck

Note: IPA letter is a confirmation that you are hired by an employer in Singapore and can enter Singapore showing the IPA letter. If you are already in then no need to exist rather visit ICA for the extension, bring offer letter where it must have mentioned the date of joining.

Hi spass approved. Ica asking for local sponsor for the extension. Eventhough have ipa. Any advise? Thank you.

as i have been done that before... going to ICA office to extend stay, the form stated that employment purposes are not ground for ICA’s approval. as per my situation that time I have an ongoing exam.

Hello what happened after?

If you have exam, then bring those documents for the extension. In this situation, ICA should extend depends the importance of the exam (though we are not sure about the nature of your exam - whether it’s mandatory to be in Singapore in order to attend the exam or not).

If you have a local sponsor (Singaporean or PR) then bring him or her with you. Good luck

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