I want to practice English and can help you in Spanish

I would like to improve my English with you. I can teach you Spanish. :) I'm from Panama.

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A new thread has been created with your post on the Panama forum.

I would advise you to post an ad in the Panama classifieds > language exchange section. It might help you.

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Hi, Cunming

Has anyone replied to your offer yet? I might be interested.


A little off topic but have you seen the music video "Sube la Marea" on you tube? Panama futbol advanced in the world cup. It's a fun (and cultural) song. Various Panameno artists.....enjoy

Good morning

Actually now I’m learning Spanish ,it would be great if we collaborate together,I speak English

Looking forward
Dharma Raj

is good i am interested in some language swapping ,, my spanish is bad ,, even when i speak it they say my accent is the problem ?/ but i have watsap , a car ,  and can travel around

Hello ,all , learning Spanish,if you can help ,really appreciate

You need to learn Spanish? She can help you http://www.yairatutoria.com

Hi , are you in the Coronado area?

Who are you asking?
I’m in David. Yaira is in Los Algarrobos (north of David a bit) but teaches over Skype or whatever internet application you prefer.

Hi , I’m responding to the person that wants to practice English / Spanish .  I am wondering if you are in Coronado area . Thanks

If they are in Distrito Arraiján, they would be in or near Coronado. That post is really old though, May 2018, and that person hasn't participated since that post.

If you are responding about my query,I’m here in costa del Este ,panama city ,thanks

Hello!! Sorry I read this too late, but if you are interesting I would like too.
My number is ***

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