I want to practice English and can help you in Spanish

I would like to improve my English with you. I can teach you Spanish. :) I'm from Panama.

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A new thread has been created with your post on the Panama forum.

I would advise you to post an ad in the Panama classifieds > language exchange section. It might help you.

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Hi, Cunming

Has anyone replied to your offer yet? I might be interested.


A little off topic but have you seen the music video "Sube la Marea" on you tube? Panama futbol advanced in the world cup. It's a fun (and cultural) song. Various Panameno artists.....enjoy

Good morning

Actually now I’m learning Spanish ,it would be great if we collaborate together,I speak English

Looking forward
Dharma Raj

is good i am interested in some language swapping ,, my spanish is bad ,, even when i speak it they say my accent is the problem ?/ but i have watsap , a car ,  and can travel around

Hello ,all , learning Spanish,if you can help ,really appreciate

You need to learn Spanish? She can help you http://www.yairatutoria.com

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