Seeking employment and educational opportunities in Sweden!

Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan C. Martin-Valenzuela, and I am seeking employment in public health and the potential of furthering my education (DrPH or Ph.D.) in public health, as well, once settled.

Unfortunately, the United States is going through some rather large transitions and my family and I no longer feel safe here.

I have retired from the United States Navy and Marine Corps, Public Health, Infectious Disease - explicitly working in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis Surveillance, Flu Inoculation Campaigns, and Immunizations. I am finishing my Masters of Science Degree in Health and Kinesiology with a focus on Public Health (Graduate: DEC'18).

It's a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to connecting with many of you.

Welcome to the forum

Perhaps contacting agencies, clinic or hospitals may help. I am sure the Swedish Govt would have a website which may assist too.

Thank you Stumpy,

I've also reached out to them and just heard back today, no biggie, I'm sure they are very busy and it was the weekend. Going on the Govt's website now.


As a UK citizen who moved here. My advice is if you haven't already done so, start learning Swedish. Whilst English is widely spoken are given to those who can speak Swedish as well as English in your chosen field.
Good luck.

Hi! Thank you for the information!

I am hesitant to involve time and money into learning a new language while not knowing if I'm even being considered for a position for which I applied. As Swedish isn't a widely used language, I'd prefer to focus on French for WHO employment.

Hi Ryan,

Fair comment. I totally understand why you would prioritise your time and resources in this way.
It sounds as if you won't need Swedish? Whether those reading this thread think my next comment is appropriate or not......I am going to make it anyway. On the surface the Swedish like everyone to think they are equal and transparent in their approach to employment. In reality a lot of individuals (regardless of skill mix) are not even considered for employment unless they are Swedish or speak the language. Sad but true.
I really hope you have a different experience.

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