Accountants fees for companies

Hi guys, I am moving to Hungary to get a residence there, and I would like to know if you know a good accountant in order to open a company. I am wondering as well what are the fees in Hungary related to the opening and maintenance of a company (including tax compliance and bookkeeping).

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An accountant will usually cost from 20,000 to 30,000 HUF a month. More if you have a lot of billings or other work to have done. And also maybe more if they speak English.

Fees for starting a company depends on the type of company you want to start. Sole trader cost are different from partnerships which are different from limited liability companies, stock companies, etc. In any case, you need an attorney to start a company in Hungary, so you should contact one and ask about fees and procedures there. A list of some attorneys in Hungary: … s/lawyers/

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