Where are foreigners (professionals) gathering in Xiamen ?

This seems to be a silent forum
Any ideas where foreigners and local professionals are hanging out in Xiamen ?

I'm about to move over to Xiamen in september and would love to share some beers (I'm german ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Have you found a good place to go to?

Marco polo area?
Sounds like a good option
And close at the shopping centers like
Paragon ?
I live at the railway station in xiamen
Feel free to catch up

Some pubs or bars around Marco Polo area
Local professionals,what do you mean ?

Hi Anthony,
I will arrive in Xiamen end of this week. I will contact you as soon as I settled in.
Looking forward meeting you

Hey man, I'd love to meet up for some beers sometime! Add me on wechat if you want: connoryarish


I am arriving into Xiamen for a job interview for a very brief two or three days, and then on to Shanghai a few days of exams. How are expats enjoying life in Xiamen?

Ich bin aus Kanada.


I saw a lot of foreigners in Hu Tao Li and some restaurants/bars in Sha Po Wei.

i m chinese in xiamen, if u and friend need help ,u can ask me. i will help u. i like make friend . my wechat is ***

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Hey bro! Thanks for sharing your WeChat and I hope you don't mind me adding you.
I'm a teacher of English and I'm moving to Xiamen soon. I would love to be introduced to the expats' community there and make new friends.

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