Coming to Doha

Hi everyone

I have been offered a post at HMC as a Consultant. I am leaving the UK and the NHS behind.
I am planning to come over asap.
Now as a lot of you are here on this forum what can I expect from working Qatar as a doctor / surgeon.
Should I try and push for a locum / short term contract first?
I have some initial queries such as where is the best place to live. I will be based at Rumailah and HMC main hospitals. Also is the driving/traffic sooooo bad? Most of us who have driven in London in rush should cope no?

Any other tips or advice would be hugely appreciated.
Thank you

I heard that doctors are overloaded and i don't like that doctors fear law too much here and don't take risks and make decisions .  The traffic is huge but try to find a place in west bay, it is close to your work place and nice .
Try to push short contract first because you might not like it, it is not terrible here but who knows

Thank you for your reply
Does hmc have accommodation in West bay?
Otherwise as you say should be good.

By short contract so you mean 1 year or 3 months as I understand they do not offer contracts shorter than 1 year?

Thanks again

1 year and i think they offer acomodation in musheireb for the main hamad hospital, dont know about Rumeila and i am not a doc

What is musheirab like live in?
Any idea
I know it’s the cultural heart of Doha, or at least so I’m told

Souk waquif is near it which is cool , i like souk waquif, it is also near city center and corniche , most of people prefer living in the perle because it is damn expensive but i like Musheireb better

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