EP got Rejected

Hi Friends,
Need some help and info I have experienced a situation with my new EP application.
I am working in SG for more than 6 yeras in a single company on EP. Recently I got a job offer from a company in SG, but they said my new EP will be filed by a consultant. Later EP was filed by the consultant company on 20th April, now I can see the status online that my EP got rejected by MOM. As per my knowledge jobs bank posting was already done by the consultant before filing the EP and also meeting the minimum salary criteria defined by MOM.

What could be the cause of rejection ? What should I do now and what are the chances to get it approved if the consultant appeal for EP again ?

Please help and thanks in advance..

Thank You

You should ask the consultant if MoM provides any reason. If not, then you can’t get it from MoM as they don’t share.

Your consultant can appeal but appealing without any additional information or changes in offer has limited or no impact, which means your EP application result won’t change.

So you can continue working with your current employer with whom you are working 6years now. Good luck

Thanks Surya for your reply.
As my current employer contract is ending with the client, so I may have to leave SG, if my EP doesn't get approved finally. I will follow the consultant tomorrow and will ask for more details.

Try to discuss with your present employer and request them to transfer you in some other project or team as you have been associated with the company for such a long period. They should consider your request and help you.

Sametime you may check with the consultant as per my above suggestions. Good luck

Hi Surya,
I had a talk with the new employer today. They said they are still in the mid of checking the reason. Actually, they didn't tell me the exact reason and mentioned me that they will update me next week. Is it because they have not yet got the update from MOM or there was a mistake from their side (which they came to know from MOM) while submitting the application and they are trying to rectify it.
Usually when the employer comes to know the rejection reason from MOM ?
I don't think there is an issue with my profile, otherwise, the employer could have directly told me the reason.

Please suggest.

In general, MoM provides hints about the rejection at the time of formal reporting to the employer.

So, what was communicated to the employer, I can’t tell. If they will tell the exact response received from MoM then we can figure out what exactly MoM trying to say.

But one thing is clear, if your employer decides to appeal then make sure your employer addresses the reasons mentioned by MoM or else no value of appealing. Good luck

Thanks Surya,
One more query I have. In the process of re-application/appeal of the EP to MOM, if my current EP gets cancelled by my current employer, then will it gonna affect the appeal application by the new employer ?

Shouldn’t have any direct impact but it’s not a positive sign that your current EP is cancelled.

Hope they will treat each case on its merit and shouldn’t have any adverse impact due to the cancellation of your EP with current employer.

Hi Surya,
My employer has not yet revealed the exact reason to me for the rejection of my EP application. They are just saying to me..
"working to get to know the exact reason and resolution for the issue"
Now, I am bit worrying on this. What will be the next steps they will take..
And what could be the reason in behind that they didn't reveal the rejection reason to me till now ?

I would suggest you start looking for another employer who must have a good presence in Singapore with large number of local employees. I’m not sure why the employer didn’t share you the exact message received from MoM. Let them continue if they want to appeal but you start looking for a new employer. Good luck

Hi Surya,
My EP application after rejection first time was applied again (new application) by my employer. After the 3rd week of new application, MOM asked some more information from the employer about the job description/skills and my employer is about to submit the details in a couple of days now.
What is the situation/status here and what are the chances of my EP approval as its already 4 weeks passed. Any clue / idea ?

Thank You

You addressed your post to Surya, but I will answer as well:
It is impossible to tell, from the very limited information you gave, what your approval chances are. The current average processing time is 1 - 2 months. Wait for the result and you will see!

Thanks Beppi for your reply. As I am informed by the employer that it may take 1-2 weeks more to get the outcome of the application. Will keep you posted here.
Thank You

Here, the key part of this entire process is don’t lose hope and have patience. You and your employer have done your work and now the ball at MoM’s court. So, let them give enough time to review and conclude the outcome. Good luck

Hi Beppi / Surya,
My new employer has submitted the additional information/documents to the MOM last week as requested by MOM. The status is still pending.
Looks need to wait only for the result.

Hi Friends,
I just want to update that my EP got approved today after a long wait.
It was the quite complex case, but finally, its done.
Thanks, Surya and Beppi for your kind inputs during this period.
And all the best to all who are waiting for their VISA to get approved.

Your two months processing time are still in the normal range of MoM at the moment.
Others should learn from this: Be patient, keep up hope, don’t panic - and always have a plan B in case of rejection.

We got a bad case of panic on the forum today: A desperate guy posting on ALL related threads that he is already waiting for TWO WEEKS and asking us what to do. I warned him not to SPAM the forum further after his fifth post - he ignored me, so after the seventh I got him banned and his posts removed (together with my reply, asking him to be patient).
The Singapore immigration system is one of the fairest and most reasonable in the world, yet it still provokes very emotional reactions in some people!

Yes Beppi, you are right. The key factor here is to have to be patient and if you meet all the criteria defined by MOM including the employer, your EP will get approved sooner or later.
In my case 1st time it got rejected after 2 weeks of application (Employer issue).
A new application was done by employer very next day and again after 3 weeks, MOM asked for some additional documents from Employer which they provided after 1 week.
One more thing needs to notice, the day new application was done after 1st rejection, on the same day my existing EP with the current employer was CANCELLED due to current project over and I had to leave the Country (no choice).
Here just need to be calm and patient and keep believing positively what future holds for you..
Good Luck !!

beppi :

Your two months processing time are still in the normal range of MoM at the moment.
Others should learn from this: Be patient, keep up hope, don’t panic - and always have a plan B in case of rejection.

Hi Beppi,
As per plan B. I already signed a contract with my employer last June 2. Spass applied June 18.

On the contract, it is stated that I need to pay the company the rest of the months after leaving (on my own will) the company. Just for plan B though, if in case my pass will be rejected, of course I will not be paying them since It's not my fault and I haven't started yet. Can I look for another employer if the final decision is rejected? Without paying them?

mhavzter :

Can I look for another employer if the final decision is rejected? Without paying them?

Of course you can always continue to apply for other jobs.
Whether you have to pay a penalty depends on the contract, which I don't know.

Hi Dharva, How many days did it took for your EP to be approved after it was re-applied by your new Employer and when was it?

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