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Hi, I'm an ex-filmmaker diving instructor and property developer.
I used to work in Thailand traveled across 60 countries worked in 12+.

I've based n USA and I'm looking to develop a quality boutique property in SE Asia, sustainable, wellness beautiful, raising the quality not a basic backpacker place.
Cambodia seems on the up and up, I spent a few weeks there in 03.

I'm very interested in the islands, having spent time on Koh Tao as a diving instructor back in mid 90's when there were only mopeds on the island. I've seen the development of se asia from mid 80's and see the same for Cambodia if political and economic opportunities allow.

I have the $ resources and vision to build this business but I'm doing a lot of research to see if it's viable and to find potential partners. I'm not looking for staff it's a long journey, but I am looking for information and contacts.
information real data in tourism development on Cambodian islands is it growing and by how much?
is it just backpackers or is there a growing middle-class traveler opportunity?

I'd like to get to know other business owners ex-pats who have established tourism businesses in the region, especially folks who have built lodging or backpacker or above tourism venture son the islands.
Also interested in finding people with established businesses who are interested in expanding.

Trust you get the idea.
I'm also interested in communicating with anyone who is traveling there at the moment or living there for a while especially Koh Rong and other islands.

Maybe someone knows some locals with the great land they would like to develop but lack capital; resources.

I'm also interested in speaking to experienced ex-pat consultants with a wealth of experience in this area who can add value or wish to be involved or help

Please note I'm an experienced Int'l investor traveler and I'm not stupid, so please don't expect me to get involved in something unless i develop a relationship, do my homework and tie up any purchases and or joint ventures property with solid legal contracts..or put another way if your shady please go away.

Having said that I believe there are great opportunities, to develop a business and develop the country for mutual benefit, in a sustainable way. So if that is something you're interested in or can help or contribute to or know folks in this space I'de love to start a dialogue.

All the best,


Hi Ad,
I'm retired Architect/Builder/Developer from USA.  Been working with couple NGOs in Siem Reap to develop a sustainable learning center, housing, food production, water and waste issues along with last fall starting a waste to resource recycling/cleanup program.  I've been doing this in several countries and particularly in Cambodia for 5years.  Had fortunate opportunity to do design for a boutique hotel in Siem Reap and working with sustainable initiative city wide.

If this interests you, I would enjoy a chat regarding the future.

Best Regards,

Hi mark yes this really does interest me

I've been to SR years ago, admire your initiative, seems we have similar skills although Im not an architect or engineer.

I also know a dive operator n KRong who is doing a health center initiative, seems there are quite a few folks doing triple bottom line development

when can we chat I'm in Philadelphia

NOTE If I invest $ in Cambodia and spend some time living there, doing sustainable development I need to ensure that any investment is profitable I need to live and support my son in NY.

re sustainability I am an ex-dive instructor and observed the continual degradation of Koh tao etc in Thailand due to plastic and other waste.

It is my hope that I could enable development of the islands without buying into the problems that rampant tourism development creates, its also smart business as people will always be seeing paradise without trash.

Having said that Im open to all sorts of collaborations and partnerships, especially given the potential growth opportunities if you get things right and set a sustainable standard.

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not sure how to contact you by phone or skype mark as the moderator didnt want me to put any contact details there??
look forwrad to speaking to you
suggest how and when

AdB50 :


not sure how to contact you by phone or skype mark as the moderator didnt want me to put any contact details there??
look forwrad to speaking to you
suggest how and when

At the top right side you find an envelope, that is the private message button, so you can exchange all kind of private details.




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I think jo on this sight knows a-little to a lot about almost everything in Cambodia, he would be my first contact , good luck, I’m retired but admire your enthusiasm!

Thanks Twins Guy

retired form what ma i ask?

Hotel business, happy to be done

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