Salary in Accounting/Finance sector in Prague

Hi everyone!

I'm eager to move to Prague this year and before I start my endeavour I wanted to confirm with you what would be the proper salary for a person with my portfolio in the accounting/finance sector. Although some of you might say that the average salary on my position might be comparable to that in Poland, I wanted to check and confirm it directly with you.

Just to give you a brief overview on myself- I've been working in the accounts payable department for more than 4 years now. I'm also proficient in SAP and pretty much handled all possible tasks on this position. Furthermore I have a rich experience in transition projects in the UK. I created and improved processes from the scratch. I can provide you with my LinkedIn account for better insight if required.

I'm not trying to advertise myself and from obvious reasons I'm not going into details. However based on this brief overview could someone tell me approximately what would be an average salary in Prague for the senior accountant with rich experience in corporation? Furthermore I noticed that there are several AP jobs with polish language in Prague which would certainly give me the upper-hand with language bonus.

Does anyone has knowledge on this sector/ local corporations in Prague? I certainly don't want to make a faux pas during the interview by giving some cosmic digits, and similarly I don't want to find myself with a fairly low salary.

Thank you in advance!


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