Expat New Born Birth in Saudi Arabia


My wife is on visit visa but I have valid Iqama and if she deliver baby in KSA, can the baby get Iqama? If not then how the baby can get the visa, passport or other documents. If somebody have experinece, please share.

First of all no need appointment in Civil Affairs (Ahwal al Madani) as I done without that, once I visited CA along Parents Original Passports (2-Copies), Iqama (2-Copies), Birth report from Hospital, Filled form you can get online (else he will provide you on customer counter), filled form and give it to counter, rest of process will done there, it will take you maximum few hours to get certificate. After that you can visit MOF.

On visit visa no need to apply for Iqama neither it will approved. For the passport you can get Hospital birth report, then go to Civil Affairs (Ahwal al Madani) to get Birth certificate, after that register in MOFA and then go to Pakistan Embassy (Nadra first, than passport office).

Thank you for your reply.

One more thing, can I get permanent family visa for my children (without applying for my wife) who are under 5 years old?

Yes you can

Obi Shah
What is the procedure to apply iqama for children without applying for the wife.?

If your kids born in Saudi Arabia, you can apply after having their birth certificate and passport.

"General worker" (As per iqama) can be able to get iqama for his new born baby in saudi arabia or is there any professional restriction? But my wife is a MOH nurse. Is there any difficulties?

Old is not possible to get Visa on arrival for my expected baby. My wife already have her Visa to Saudi

Pls can my wife be allowed to give birth in saudi Arabia even if her iqama is not ready yet.

I don't think it's a problem. If you have a valid  health insurance that covers you and your family she can deliver without any hassles. But if you do not have a valid health insurance then you may have to pay for the services. Contact the hospital you plan to deliver in and find out if she is covered. You can also check your insurance status on your absher account.

You wife's iqama is not ready ? . If your iqama is valid ,then she must get a iqama within 15 days under dependent category . In your case she has not yet got iqama .So no insurance also covered . How are you going to bear huge hospital charges ?  Normal delivery costs 5000 to 6000 Riyals. If it is C-section in it may reach up to 10,000 Riyals + medicine charges . Her visiting visa covers only emergency treatments  ,not delivery (Not pregnancy related)

Visit Jawazath center along with bith certificate ,passport ,visa and passport size photos . Make sure your  iqama and insurance is valid.

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