Finding a Job in Mauritius

Good day

My name is Jesse and i am from South Africa. I am looking for permanent work in Mauritius.

I have a Bachelors degree in education and have teaching experience as well as sales and marketing experience.

Can any one help me with agencies in mauritius that can assist me with job opportunities as well as decent property agencies as i am looking to purchase property as well.

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I am a electrician with 22 years experience, medium voltage as well as low voltage. Where can I send my CV if I wanted to apply for a position in Mauritius. I am from South Africa and want to relocate to Mauritius.

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for professional services, please refer to the Mauritius business directory, in particular these 2 sections :

- Jobs in Mauritius

- Real estate in Mauritius

You should also keep in mind that in both cases, jobs and property, there are some restrictions applicable for foreigners. Find out more in the Living in Mauritius guide or by browsing through the BOI website : and of course in the several threads of the forum where the information has already been given.

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Hi, thank you for the info . Regards, Andre Marx


I would find it hard for you to get residence permit for work in education and electrical fields. But good luck anyway.

Hello Jesse,

About your query related to job opportunities, i'd kindly suggest you check out this website, surely you will find something that matches your expertise:

However if what you are looking for is more towards marketing, telecommunications and so on, here's another website that could help you out:


Hello Jesse

I would recommend this recruitment Agency ;

Good luck in your search

Hello i tried to browser through the website but its in French any leads of how i can access it in English. Thank you

Try this one


I just got engaged to a Mauritian guy on the 6th October. We plan to marry next year. I am currently a lawyer in South Africa but see that I cannot practice as such in Mauritius. I am looking for employment  not necessarily in the legal field although that would be preferable. I am also going to be relocating with 2 minors and was wondering if any one could assist with advise on schools and home schooling.


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