New Life in friends too

Good Morning Expat Community in Nice! :

I've finally started my search for a home in/near Nice.

I lived in Nice 30 years ago, and have travelled back many times, so I know it well and still have 2-3 close friends that I visit. I have a few friends in Paris and Marseille too, but time to create a new network in my new future home. I speak French fluently, as well as Italian.

My hobbies and interests are: painting, walking, yoga, motorbike riding, tennis, cinema and most of the performing arts, and of course discovering great restaurants to dine in.

I'm of Indian origin and was born and raised in the UK, living in London. I have a global mindset so I embrace all cultures.

I'll be in Villefranche for a week at the end of this July, so it would be fabulous if anyone wants to meet for a drink! :)

Hope to speak soon.

Hi everyone!
My names najib and i live in pau, France. I want someone friend near me. If you live this erea please contat me. I'm flixble person and open mind. I want create new live here and i need someone speake french and english.

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