Job offers for UK expat

I am finding it difficult to get into work on in the oil and gas sectors and health care in a secretarial capacity in Dubai. I am open to suggestions about how I can get work over there whilst living in the UK.

Considering the current economy, employers would be very reluctant to relocate people from outside the region.  Especially for lower level jobs for which the skill set is readily available in the local market.

Secondly, the O&G sector has been hard hit by the falling oil prices and is going through major restructuring.

To have any real hope of finding a job, you need to be physically here and job hunt.  That way, the employers are reassured that they don't have to pay relocation costs and / or fly you over for interviews (which they won't at your level as I mentioned already).

But there is still hope. Did you manage to get hired?

Hi no I didn’t
Had a job offer for King Faisal in Jeddah but die to a parents illness could t go. Got a work visa but it is due to expire.
Could kick myself but there might be further opportunities in the future

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