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My name is Olive. I am originally from Beijing, spent about 4 years in the U.S. (Austin and New York) doing my masters and working. Now I am heading back to my home town. I'd love to make some expats friends and keep my language fluency :)

I know being in a new country can be a daunting process - I've been through that myself. So maybe I can be some help. I am 31 so it's better we are around similar age. Please PM me!

My name is Alfons and I am from Belgium.
I wondered what language you would like to maintain. 6 years in China taught me not to speak Chinese and do not write it.
When English or Dutch is no problem and I would be happy to help you.
Nice greetings

Hi my self Sree I am from India stay in Shenzhen before regarding my business I like to make friends meet new people

I like to make new friends too my wechat sreedhark

Hello L

My name is Nenad and im looking forward to love in Bejing from France.
Can you please stare some experince ir web Page wheteni should look for jon offers in restaurant hospitality ?
Once in Beijing  my family and me we can meet you dor sure.

Thank you


My home town is Shanghai.

Have a nice evening

Happy to know you. I am married with a lovely Chinese girl from Wenzhou and am from the USA. I have been living in China for 15 years.

I am curious why you have decided to leave the USA and return to China. I am sure that it must be quite different from what it was like when you left. We have a saying here; China changes more in 6 months than the USA does in 10 years.

I am Akbar Shirini, a Ph.D. Graduate in general linguistics and I am searching for an English teaching position in China. How can I get acquainted with latest job vacancies?

Hello i work and live in China, im a native sp3aker from south Africa. Il like to make friends with you 😎

In just one week, I start working in Changchun. How can l learn about people, traditions, possible friends, ...?

Akshirini :

In just one week, I start working in Changchun. How can l learn about people, traditions, possible friends, ...?

Go for walks in your free time

Hi Olive,
same situation for me, just accepted a job in Beijig and would be great to have a some friends with which share some talks. I am 38 from Italy, my english is pretty good and I speck some french as well. I shoud be there in a couple of months.. and a bit scared thinking about a such big change.


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