MOFA showing "No data found" for family visa search

I have retried again n again but there seems to be a problem with mofa web. It says no data found. I am engering everything carefully and previously when my application was stamped from chamber of commerce it was showing its status ok. And all info was displayed. But now it doesnit let me see ny application. What can b the issue?

I am facing the same issue. MOI site tell me that the visa is approved and i also have a visa number.
But i am not able to find it in MOFA site.

Brother any update as same thing is happening with me.

facing the same problem, any solution yet?

may be system down or maintanence or server not connected

Thanks for your feedback

Assalamualiekum Guys,

Im facing the same issue now, what could be the reason for it.


Dear All,

Visa number actually reflects in and after 3 to 4 days, upon which you can start the stamping process with your agent in the home country.

Hope this will help someone looking for this info.

Hello sir

My name is SureshBabu from tamilnadu. Can you please tell me how do i check my VISA is stamped or not through online. I have MOFA no and VISA no.

Thank you
SureshBabu J

dear Brothers,

Iam facing the same issue, What could be the reason?

Dear Brother
I have also the same problem that visa application data is not showing on visa.mofa website.
can u plz share the details that when u faced this problem then how did u solved the matter.


I am applying family visit visa and i am facing the same issue. Last two days not shown any data but before it's shown, if any one know solutions for this problem let's share us. How can we know our application status and visa issued or not information

Hello dear sir. Did u find any solution. Same thing happening to me. All data I entered as per moi.

I have the same issue

Dear Sir,
Please can u tell me how the issue was solved.

pls check start working now

dear Iqbal.
did you find anything

pls check start working now

dear yes it started  thanks. one more thing what dio I enter in the visa section . it is new visa application

رقم تأشيرة الدخول   meaning here

border No, when you entered 1st time in ksa, they write this no on your passport by hand on 1st page

Aftr it work does it show you to reapply the application sis?

my family visit visa has chambered on before three days back,  but still not showed in system,  can you help what is the problem has occured.

Usually spend 7 days

Hi Zafar,
How did the issue resolved. Facing same issue. Can you please help me out on this . Thanks in advance.

Dears my visa is also not sbowing on mofa but it was showing few days earlier please help me how i can resolve this issue


I applied for family visa from absher and it has done from chamber of commerce as well since two weeks before, but still visa number is not issued and my application is showing submitted on absher. Any body guide me what should i do? thanks.

Hi friends
Visit visa from mofa is on hold sometime
Stamping destination to Mumbai is not yet started   Few received to New Delhi
Try to Dubai as well

Dear mmohsin32khan21,

Did you find any information regarding this ?
As i am facing same problem.
On absher visa application submitted is showing, but application status is open. and visa number is still not issued.

If you get any information please share.


Same issue with me. did you find any solution.

Same happened with me. Application status is still open. What is the solution? did you discuss it with someone?

same problem here

Did you receive visa no?
How you managed to get it? did you call somewhere or visit?


kindly check with moi. make sure you have correct national address from where you got stamping of chamber

You mean I have to check my national address ?

Have you received Visa No?

What is the solution for that?

Any Update?

My Visa in Abshar is still not approved. Guys, help me what to do.

For All ; I was going through the same issue, my family visa approved in Absher and issued Visa number against my application number, and I am not able to verify it on MOFA or Enjazit site.

As per one of my friend who is dealing in Visa and stamping, he know that now MOFA visa will be visible only in country Embassy, but your visa must be valid.

Hi, I also applied permanent family visa for my son. In Absher, I can see visa number and it says 'Approved". Last 2 weeks, I tried many times from MOFA, where it says no records found. Today I called MOFA, they asked refernce number of my application. I have given refernce number, VISA number, boarder number. At last he said, he cannot find the VISA application in MOFA, he also asked me to check correct refernce number from Absher or calling MOI. Honestly, I have given all numbers, however they could not check it. Could you please tell me, what is the solution for this.

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