Best place to relocate for 3 months?


We are looking to relocate from Melbourne for 3 x 3month stints next year (3 different countries, 3 months in each)

One of the places we are considering is Mexico as I LOVE the country but we just wanted to see if anyone can advise whether it's possible to live simply on $2500 AUD ($36,000 MXN) per month and where a pleasant and safe area might be? We had considered Puerto Vallarta as I haven't been there before.

We will be a couple with a 3yo and baby, we won't be working, just need a basic 2 bedroom furnished place somewhere we can relax and have some family time. We like the beach, small towns and ports, nature, not too much tourism (ie. we love San Miguel De Allende but it's too far from the coast for us), and just want to live like locals but somewhere nice, and learn Spanish.

Thanks in advance for your help.

HI, if I may suggest the Riviera Nayarit with all it's small local towns close to nature, beaches but close to Puerto Vallarta but also to Tepic, Guadalajara, Compostela and San Blas.
My wife and I live in La Peñita de Jaltemba and don't need a vehicle, we use the public transport and all commodities are walking distance (100m-2km).
High season (november - Easter) Low season the rest  of year
No problem on a 36000$ pesos/month  budget, we live on less than 25000$ no restrictions. Rentals costs varies from 6000$ to 25000$ we pay 9000$ so research needed.
Here is a link

Adios y buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.


My name is Jake Ames, MD, HMD of Puerto Vallarta.  PV is nice during the winter.  The summers are too hot and humid.  I would check out San Miguel Allende.  Very nice weather with culture.


highly recommend Merida and the beach towns. I am from Canada living in Merida now over one year. It is an amazing area full of history & culture and the safest area in MX. A mix of old and new here.

Take a look at Chapala/Ajijic. Both have plenty to offer.

Thank you , I passed through Merida for a few days while I was travelling around the yucatan Peninsula and found it an interesting place but incredibly humid compared to everywhere else I went - have you found this or was I just unlucky? It was unbearable.

La Manzanilla, it's 4 hours south of Puerto Vallarta on the coast.  High season with perfect beach weather is Nov-March, there is a language school in town.  Other months it's pretty hot and humid, like the rest of the coast.  Mostly Canadians come down for the winter months, lots of art, yoga, live music but still very small town. Plenty of grocery stores but no bank and only a handful of hotels. for more infoLa Manzanilla Mexico.  We moved there when our son was 6 and live there nearly full time until a couple of years ago when we needed to return to the US for my son's middle/high school years.  36,000 peso a month is enough but you will have to book a place quickly if you want the high season months.

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