Security Clearance for Visa

Dear Members,

In the recent days, I happened to have an opportunity from one of the national organization in Oman - I had accepted it. 

After acquiring the Labour Clearance PRO applied for Visa which got delayed. As per PRO, the immigration office has pursued my case for further security clarification from my country (Pakistan).

As an important fact. I was also employed in Oman for around two years between 2014 to 2015, and now since 2016 I am working in Iran.

My questions are :
1. How usual is this to have this kind of security clearance?
2. Does the reason to initiate security clearance has any relation with my current country of stay (IRAN).
3. How much time do these sort of security clarification take?

Naeem Uddin

I am very glad to inform that today on 09.05.2018, the immigration office has issued me Oman Visa.

The Visa application was filed on 23.04.2018 and after approx. two week of their internal workup, finally I am having the Visa in hand.

In my mind, to have Oman visa was kind of no big deal. Reason, was having a previous history of working in Oman plus having a very reasonable job offer from one potential National Organization. Ironically I got upset once delay incur, specially the security clearance, etc.

I was worried about the clarity of the further steps, especially the amount of time it may consume. In this course, I also follow with Pakistan Embassy in Oman through their what’sapp group. Here it is worth mentioning, that Pakistan Embassy is doing a very professional job by almost instantly answering and counseling fellow citizen for relevant queries.

In Immigration, and elsewhere, Oman opt adequate and efficient processes articulated to meet the real need of the applicant.

Lesson learned: if there is some delay in Visa, the applicant must hold patience and let the authority fulfil their job. Generally, they do care for our times and employ to finish the things at possible earliest.

It's good that your case went through and also thanks for the update.

In all likelihood, it was because of Iran.  And it is good that you were going to Oman and not Saudi/Bahrain as getting clearance there after a stint in Iran is extremely difficult.  Most people are rejected out of hand - especially from Pakistan :)

Congratulations @UddinNaeem for getting past the uncertainties and getting the visa issued. I'm going to hitch a ride on your post to ask a question regarding visiting Oman after getting employment visa issued.

My dearest @XTang and @Sumitran, if I already got my employment visa issued - can I still enter Oman using the visit visa on arrival allowed for my passport, or the employment visa will be in effect immediately? The reason I'm asking is because the agreed company joining date will be on 25 June but I intend to enter Oman around 25 May to sort out some accomodation and relocation matters. I plan to leave Oman by 5 June and take a break before coming back to join the company on 25 June.

I understand there's a dateline to have my Labor Card issued after entering Oman with employment visa.

Could you kindly share some thoughts please?

I am not sure about Oman but for most GCC countries, the moment a work visa is issued, you stop getting visit visas or visas on arrival.  You would be able to enter but then because you entered on work visa (in their system), you would have to complete all the necessary formalities like medical, labor card etc before leaving again.

I'm suspecting the same @XTang - I guess I'll play it safe and enter Oman when I am truly ready to go through the formalities then  :gloria

@Xtang: You are damn right; while living in Iran I practically realized that Arab (with few exceptions) and Persia (Iran) are worse rivals to each other. In past, I've become very near to an opportunity in KSA but discarded as was based in Iran.  Thanks to Oman for its lenient political relation across the globe.

Every other nation in the region should set Oman as an example and opt peaceful brotherhood policy - this is the only way to prosper.

Hi modjo,

As XTang has rightly said, if you have been issued with an Employment Visa, then upon your arrival your employment visa would be activated. Then it becomes the usual drill from there on with regards to getting your medicals done, to getting your resident card.

Thank you for the kind confirmation @Sumitran  :cheers:

@UddinNaeem, it is very comforting to hear your positive thoughts about Oman - especially with regards to tolerance and respect. I hope you would keep sharing anecdotes while settling down, it would be a very good sharing.

salam bro,
can you please tell me how much exact time you waited for security cleareance. it seems like within 2 week every thing was done.

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