Music lovers and musicians, where are you guy?

Hey everyone,

Back in London, I would meet up with my friends who were musicians(drummer, guitarist, bassists and vocalist) and we'd jam together and see what comes up

Ever since I came back to Mauritius, I haven't met as many musicians, given that I don't really know many live music spots.

So anyone wanna hang out talk music, jam?

Message me,



what do you play? I like to produce music, I am starting to get to know some music types out here but has taken me a while. I may have a London friend who produces reggae in the carribean coming over at some point soon also. but am looking for similar. will have a studio space up and running at some point soon also

where are you at and what kind of  music/instrument do you play? I could sure as hell jam away for hours and days but I play mainly gypsy swing/ eastern european gypsy and latin.

Hi Neco,

I've been looking for a group to jam with-basically I belly dance while they play. Like a belly dance fusion, just for fun! If you're interested please let me know. Grand Baie area

Hi all, i will be setting up a recording facility in the west coast. I already have mixing equipment etc there. I am currently back in london for a couple of months. The facility will be for film mixing and recording and also music recording etc. Be good to meet up with others when back, also looking for talent to develop and produce/arrange/mix for. And collaborators on my stuff, all different types of musicians, dancers etc are welcome.i will also have my record turntables back in action and am developing a place by the beach in the west, that when ready we will look to bring in talent to play there. I'll be playing soul, funk, hip hop (90's and other stuff), reggae, jazz etc.


I'm a bass and guitar player (Funk/soul/jazz mainly) arriving in Mauritius in January for 5 months. Tell me if you're still looking for musicians !


Hi alex,

I would be very glad to be part of the team. I am rather a bollywood style musician/singer, but I am very good at video making/editing/ or even electronic music using LMMS or FL Studio.

Would be very happy to collaborate in your endeavours. Furthermore, I am interested in video/film production as well. I am quite versatile with anything related to audio-video production/entertainment.

Hope to be part of our team.
best rgds,

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