How to discover the cultural scene in Colombia


Moving to a new place and learning about the culture goes beyond adapting to customs and traditions. The art scene (music, art, literature, and cinematography) is also a big part of discovering a new country.

What are the best ways to learn about the cultural scene in Colombia, and how important are the arts in the country?

Did you do a lot of research prior to moving, or was it easy to explore the art scene after your move?

How would you explain the art scene in Colombia? What is the most salient art form in the country, that you would recommend for future expats to explore in order to adapt and integrate faster: literature, cinematography, music, etc.?

Which art form and artist most represent the country's culture, and why?

Are there certain activities or places such as art centres that would help to explore the culture in Colombia?

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Most Colombians arent into art and culture.
Look at the movies you see in the cinemas-Marvel Comics. terror. kiddies movies

Go to Cinespiral in Manizales-which features foreign art type movies-and you are the only ones there

Culture in Colombia is Rumba and bottle of guaro..

Still a few museums in Bogota and Medellin you can go to definitely worth seeing
If you travel around Colombia enough you will see many different music and dance forms in different cities

Most interesting thing I have seen culturally to date is the cultural dance show at Parque del Cafe in Quindio

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Colombia's greatest artist is widely acknowledged to be Fernando Botero (1932-    ).

Sculptor and painter Botero rose to prominence back in 1958, winning Colombia's national "salon" award.

As a young man he spent much time at the Louvre museum in Paris and in Florence, Italy, studying the great artworks in those places. 

In recent years, Botero has visited his hometown of Medellín for about one month a year .. and lately --  in his 80's -- has been living mostly in Paris.

His art can be characterized by the term 'volume' -- due to the prolific output of his life's work .. and the ample size of the people and animals he depicts.

A sampling of his paintings and sculptures is easily googled.

Some of Botero's sculptures are on permanent display outdoors in Medellín's El Centro.

His art also adorns corporate headquarters around the world .. and can be seen on Park Avenue in New York and along the Champs Élysées, the famous boulevard in Paris.

Wikipedia's Fernando Botero page was consulted in developing this post.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño

Has nobody ever read a book by Gabriel García Márquez?
Colombia has always had first rate authors.

Yep..90% of Colombian culture in 2  men..Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Botero...

Germán Castro Caycedo is a contemporary Colombian writer who deals with the realities of the Colombian experience - he "tells it like it is" in all its bad and good, and is eloquent and thought-provoking.  Although he has his detractors because they feel he doesn't "sugar-coat" some subjects as they think he should, he clearly loves Colombia and is well worth reading.

I recommend his collection of essays about his travels across Colombia, Colombia Amarga, for anyone who wants to know more about Colombia and who is not afraid to face some of its unpleasant realities.

In Cali, the newspaper El País always has several pages of upcoming cultural events and happenings, some free and some usually low-cost, spanning a wide spectrum of music and the arts as well as hikes, classes, artisan crafts and bazaars, etc: … planciudad

Hi everyone,
    Hope everyone is doing great. To answer the many questions about Colombia... First are you an tourist or are you genuinely trying to adapt and integrate yourself? It is like moving to any other city or country. Every state is different and have different people in them. The world is a lot more global, in that we can move to another country and still retain who we are. Everyone brings their types of food and habits.
      My suggestion is to find a job and contribute in an ordinary way to the community you are living in. Your experience will be much different as an average citizen, than as a tourist. In Florida there is a saying to those moving from northern states... If you want to move to Florida nd establish yourself, then you can not keep going to Disney and Sea World, or Busch Gardens, or Six Flags.
       If you want to know about Colombia you have to immerse yourself in everyday life, develop local habits and relationships. It is fine to visit places and see arts of sorts, but that can not be your sole purpose. You will miss out on alot more of experiences with the people of Colombia. The question is, do you want to be treated as a tourist or as an everyday person. It is fine either way. Though you will not be able to immerse yourself much more than what sites are available for tourists.

Sincerely, Roman

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