Looking for an IT Job paying 2200USD a month

I really want to move e to Vietnam, but I need a job that can pay near $2200 USD A month, if not that, bare minimum 1600 a month to live. Where is a good place to look? I work as an IT Help Desk Employee right now.

This salary guide https://anhtuanle234.files.wordpress.co … e-2017.pdf shows a salary of 10-15 mil VND (page 36) for workers with a Bachelor's degree doing the Help Desk work that you are doing now.  That is about  $450 -$660 per month.  As you probably do not speak Vietnamese, your value in the market is likely even less if you are even hireable.  Unless they have truly high end skills, people should not automatically assume there is a demand for their skills, particularly when there is a surplus of college educated locals greater than the economy can absorb.

There are companies in the Philippines that contract with US companies for Help Desk work but there are two factors that make it work.  One, the English language fluency level in the country is very high, and second, wages are very low.  I know Filipino English teachers who used to do such work and teaching in VN at lower wages than fully native speakers is still a big step up.

Unless you are offered the post of manager, director, kind of Chief of Staff of a company's section or you're in the list of the biggest head hunters, I think it's too high a salary for an ordinary IT expert in Viet Nam.

I know nothing of the job market in VN

It will be borderline impossible for you to make that much. I don't even see how you can make half of that, sorry. Not because you aren't qualified, but because there are so many qualified and skilled locals who are going to get hired well before you at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention you probably aren't fluent in the language. To give you an idea, I pay my IT $500/month with his meals also being covered and he is just as knowledgeable as the IT that runs that department at our main branch in America.

Henry.Trujillo :

I know nothing of the job market in VN

Have a look at www.careerjet.vn.

vietnamworks.com is the largest recruitment website in Vietnam. You can try it

You are American? Find a Help Desk job in the states, that you can work remotely. Downside is the timezones, Vietnam is 12 hours ahead of East Coast standard time. A US night shift would be perfect. Alternative would be an Aussie company, timezones much closer, pay probably a bit lower. There are job sites that specialize in remote work.

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he may have some freelance work for you. are you in Danang?

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You are wasting your time - forget it!

You can find the IT job on https://itviec.com/ or https://www.vietnamworks.com/it-software-jobs-i35-en

That site is a none-vetted joke.
As for the OP, wait better until you win in the lottery. That will go faster, than you get a reply for a job application

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