Advice needed re rental property

Can someone please help me ith this as im not sure if i have any abilty to.
i have a 1 year lease my ex and i were talked into pre paying the lease in advance plus bond which was 2 months rent. My partner and i broke up and i wish to go home to Australia  (he already left) they said i could get some one to take over my lease and they would pay me. But i cannot find someone i asked if i leave give back keys and the unit is ok i get my bond back they said no. I do not understand this if hey keep my rent money why i cannot have my bond at least? Is tthere anything I can do?


If you have paid the rent in full (12 months) in advance, then under normal circumstances and provided there is no damage to the property, you should be able to have your deposit returned. In fact, normally the rent would not be paid 12 months in advance, so if you terminated the contact early, (today for instance) all you should lose is your deposit.

A lot obviously depends on what's written in the contact. If you would like my to review the contract for you, then I will be happy to do so, simply send me a direct message and I will respond. I work for a law firm but will do this for you free of charge and I will also advise you of what action (if any) you can take, to recover your deposit.

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