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I was wondering if anyone has dropped their u.s. medigap insurance and if so did u get insurance in mexico?

Good question!   I have a question.  We are about to retire to Mexico and I have just started medicare.  But should I get all the extra parts or none at all.  Obviously I can't use it in Mexico...?? Would love suggestions or ideas on health insurance   Thanks

Hi to all,  we're Canadians once we have decided to move permanently  to Mexico our medicare was cancelled since becoming non residents of Canada.

We applied to IMSS got accepted all medications paid, special needs covered, great service no complaint based on age annual premiums (2018 me and my wife 65/70 17000$ pesos/year.

Other option Seguro popular.

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When I arrive how do I apply for IMSS?

bothner06 :

When I arrive how do I apply for IMSS?

Hi, first, you must have your resident card (temporary or permanent) then go to the IMSS UMF (probably Cihuatlan near Barra de navidad). They'll tell you were to register in the state of  Colima. You'll need also your birth and marriage certificates transalted and then pay the premiums.

Here are some links on the subject. … cial-imss/ you can get your social security number via internet … os-familia

One final thing, basically, you need to speak Spanish because you will be living in Mexico and they speak Spanish 

One more site to ask questions in english

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My name is Melanie and my client base is primarily Americans on Medicare throughout Mexico.

I can tell you that the majority of my customers do not drop Medicare. The ones that can afford a MediGap or MedAdvantage plan do purchase one.

Most also a separate private health insurance plan to cover them in Mexico, since Medicare does not cover expenses in Mexico unless you are close to the border.

I myself have a very affordable private health insurance plan which covers me not only in Mexico, but anywhere I travel except the US.

Hope this information is useful to you!

Hi Janalea,

The reason most people keep their Medicare is for security reasons. If a person has to move back to the US because of health or family-related issues; it is always good to have Medicare already in place. The reason is because if you need to add the prescription drug or any other part of Medicare after your original enrollment date, Medicare will not only charge you the current amount, but also a penalty for all of the months you have not paid up until that point.

Now, some people are committed to living their lives out here in Mexico. These are the folks that don´t go back regularly to the states and in many instances have even purchased a pre-planned funeral package here. If you are of the thinking that moving back is not on your radar, then yes, you would not need Medicare, or only Part "A", if you have already opted into it.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to purchase a private health care plan, which covers you here. There are many affordable plan options available. I have one that I am very happy with. It provides free choice of doctors, hospitals and clinics and pays 100% of hospitalization, outpatient surgeries, cancer treatment, and doctor´s visits.


thanks for the info.  if I may ask who do you have your Mexican insurance with?  I would like some idea of what it would cost.  Another possible problem is I just turned 65.

Hi "janalea,  here is a link of the Mexican government to compare options from various companies up to the age 40 (I know you're 65 but gives an idea of the costs between companies) more expensive than IMSS. … 1?idiom=es
You're also right that at  many companies don't offer insurance after  and some will stop coverage at a certain age (i.e.: Mapfre ) not IMSS.

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Hi again, IMSS doesn't include travel insurances but options exist. My wife and I are going to Canada and the United States for 45 days travel insurance for both (65 and 70) is costing 4285$ pesos or 222$usd for 100000$ USD you could get higher  coverages. Check it at asegura tu viaje internet site or other companies.
Here's a link on the subject … rsion.html

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thanks for all the helpful info

Are hearing aids any cheaper in Mexico than in the U.S?

Hearing aids are imported. They are not manufactured in Mexico and therefore are expensive, yes.

A lot of folks go to Costco Stores in Mexico for more affordable prices.


Thank you. We will go ahead and purchase them at Costco here in Oregon.

Hi there, I am not quite sure if I am allowed to do this or not, but I have PRIVATE Health Insurance which allows me to choose any PRIVATE hospital or doctor.  I also have coverage almost everywhere in the world (with the option of US coverage).  Please ask me for details if you are interested.

It's been awhile since your post, but if you could share the name of the insurance company you used, and whether you're happy with the coverage, that would be helpful.  Thx!

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