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Dear all,

We are Malaysian living in Dubai currently. We are considering returning to Malaysia. We have chosen to keep our kids in International school in Malaysia as they are used to it in Dubai. They can only speak English. Our children are enjoying the play and learning style in Dubai. Our son 9 yrs old is in 5th grade and doing really well in school. Next is 3 yr old girl who is a starter.

We are really concern on which school to put and the salary package to look for since we have been living outside Malaysia for last 7 years.

Please advice.

Hi returningmalaysian,

I think you should look first on the budget & the location where you are staying. If the education being paid for, there are so many choices that you can choose which is near/accessible to your house. If you pay for it then I would like to suggest ELC since it it the most cheapest international school. I have been visited the school and it is worth for the money you paid but it is in term of the facilities only because I have no experience in term of academic yet. Planning to send my boys there next Jan 2014.

Maybe others will share their experience with the other school as well.

I guess you all might be interested in these websites

The most comprehensive list of private / international schools in Msia

Reviews on International Schools

These are the things you can do to check out on the schools:

1) talk to other parents in the school. I would suggest you wait at the school's gate in morning when the school starts or afternoon when the school ends.
2) find out the qualification of their teachers. make sure they have degree in education or degree + PGCE teacher qualification.
3) visit the school and talk to the headteachers. ask about the teacher turn over rate in the past 3 years.

Another piece of advice for parents going / returning to malaysia from abroad; your son will adapt to the Malaysian English accent. If this is something you are not ready to accept then you should only choose the school with higher no of Western native speaker students, but that can be very costly.

can anyone please give information on how is the teaching and academics at ELC CYBERJAYA??

Anyone have kids studying in kingsley international school in putra heights? Need your advice and sharings. Thks a lot.

Hi need to know more in about elc Sg buloh
Any parent staying in rasa ulu selangor sending kid there tq

Kingsley in putra height is so new, it is probably too early to get second opinion.

I would suggest parents to look for schools that offer MYP, not the iGCSE. MYP nurtures kids to be more rounded and know how to think for themselves.

The posting about adapting to Malaysian "English" is exceptionally relevant. The lack of ability to write British  or American English accurately is a huge handicap, if the person goes on to tertiary education.

Hi Gravitas, don't get me wrong, i was referring to the English speaking accent, not the writing. Actually there are many people in Malaysia with perfect English writing skills.

samsam123 :

Kingsley in putra height is so new, it is probably too early to get second opinion.

I would suggest parents to look for schools that offer MYP, not the iGCSE. MYP nurtures kids to be more rounded and know how to think for themselves.

My advice avoid MYP like the plague. Route to failure at IBDP (can't go elsewhere) and third rate Uni. Especially in Malaysia. A few very good schools (none in Malaysia so far) that do MYP with 7 IGCSEs are worth considering. But usually I would say avoid at all costs.

IGCSE/SPM are the best for Malaysians.

It is not true that IBDP is for the third rate universities. If you have seen Ivy-league universities websites, you should know all of them including Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE, etc do accept IBDP, in actual fact they would prefer it over A-level as the grade inflation of A-level has been a pain to these universities admissions to identify the high calibre student. But IBDP is much harder to get top overall grade.

In term of education, Malaysian students don't have many choices, many if possible will try to stay away from the public Malay schools, some do Chinese primary then SPM in secondary, some do Chinese all thru, a minority who are rich enough will send their kids to international schools and majority of these schools only offer iGCSE, so only iGCSE and SPM they can choose.

After all, I think it is all down to individual personal choices. iGCSE is a great curriculum, but in-depth subject knowledge alone is not what I am after, I would prefer my kids to become a natural inquirers, healthy communicators and a much better learners, so MYP is definitely my choice.

You can refer to this website for more teachers comments. http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Which-on … S.45888791

Dear All, any comments on ELC Cyberjaya school. I am planning to send my daughter there.
Can parents whose kids 5 years old share their experience about the kids progress, academic and non academic?

One of my expatriate friend said, ELC is very academic focus and kids will be burden with homeworks?
Do you think so ?


Hi there,

If you are keen on learning Korean Language for your kids, please do let me know.

Please do email me at ***


Instead of the very expensive international schools, I would suggest parents to consider homeschooling style learning centres. Although they don't have fabulous facilities and teachers with native accents, but their tuition fees are lower, class size is smaller, benefit of mixing yr group in class and students are allowed to learn at their own pace.

Hi there!
I am a parent who has two children at ELC, Sungai Buloh campus right now.
We are quite happy with the school and my girls would like to stay longer in ELC. They have been there for 7 years now. From my perspective, I wouldn't say it is a perfect school; it has some imperfections like any other schools out there. Overall, ELC is doing great so far. I mean, it isn't overly commercialized like some of those  international schools in K.L.
Hope you find the best school for your child. Good luck!

Well said worldview. One man's poison is another man's meat. Schooling is only one aspect of kids growing up. Good parents support their children so they achieve the best they can.  I can remember the nights up to 3 a.m. finishing off assignments.  Glad its over. Next generation, your turn.

Hi, I'm planning to withdraw my 9 years old girl from the National Chinese Primary School to ELC Sungai Buloh.  Can anyone advise me about ELC's teaching team, how is the homework assign, caterer's food etc...

Dear Parents,

We planning to send my daughter to ELC Cyberjaya ?
For those who had enrolled your kids to the ELC Cyberjaya as per mentioned above ?
How is your kids performing?
I am also would like to know about their entrance exam ?



In addition to international schools which are considered to be too expensive for most families, I think parents should also consider homeschooling as an option.

HI all,i am new  to the forum :cheers: 
can anybody put light on elc international school(cyberjaya),its facilities,teachers?specially parents of children who have already enrolled in elc .My son is 5.3 years old had an assesment in elc  they are suggesting him to reception.for his age which grade will be appropriate.
thanks in advance........waiting for replies

Are you interested in alternative learning options? If so, you can check out the Emmanuel Learning Academy in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. They use Cambridge materials, eventually leading to IGCSE certification. There is heavy emphasis on character-building.

The Principal, Mr. Lai, can be contacted at 012-3899215. He's a very sincere man.


[at] ThomasK >  I invite you to recommend this school in our business directory please. Here is the link : https://www.expat.com/en/business/asia/ … la-lumpur/


Priscilla  :cheers:

U may stay at cyberjaya where it near to elc international school

Instead of looking at the facilities on first visit to schools, it would be wiser to 1) talk to the principal about his vision and ethos of school, 2) ask for teachers qualification and experience, 3) check the staff turnover rate in the past 3 years, 4) look at students' works, 5) ask for past years academic and extra curricular achievements and 6) talk to existing students to gauge their confidence in speaking with strangers.

Parents who base their faith on the school buildings alone tend to regret their decision very soon.

I am interested in enrolling my 11 and 9 year old daughters in Australian International School next year January 2018.
What are thoughts on this school and it's standards of teaching?

Hello Everyone~

I am moving from Hong Kong to KL/PJ next year (end of 2018), looking for some affordable international school for my 11 year old son now...

But I saw that most schools fee below RM40000 a year have a problem: they don't offer grade 12~13 for their secondary students?

That means I have to transfer my son to another school after grade 11?? or what are your choices if your kids are going to College?

I'd love to hear from you~

Thank you

Hi Junetse,

Do you planning to stay in cyberjaya as well?

Hi Garshen,
I will be staying in PJ or KLCC~

Just saw these links...wow, tons of very useful information to look into...

Thanks a lot!!

think you should also consider looking into school places as they are really good in helping us find a good school.

Hi Parents, if you happy to settle down in Cyberjaya.
Then I have my own new unit to rent out.
Landed property with well secured and guarded.

Hi All,
I am planning to send my son(5yrs old) ELC Cyberjaya for KG2, Anyone know what is the Assessment process and what are the things they will assess. If any one have the information Please share with me.

Hi Members,

I am from India,(Mumbai)( will recently re-located to KL, I am exploring schooling for my kids.

Will appreciate if anyone / or parents can share their feedback about  good schools .My preference in international school of about 1600 -1800 rm/month.My kids vl be going to class 2 and class4.Will also appreciate about the assessment process of elc school.

Would anyone give your child experience in ELC. I need a recent review about the school to join my daughter


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Hi, how your girls so far in ELC school? Hope you can share your experience.

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