What Status Message shows up after you appeal

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My EP was rejected as the agency wrote basic salary without allowance.
The rejection message was :

Your application is not successful because:
This candidate does not meet the qualifying criteria (which includes salary, qualifications and experience) for an Employment Pass. In line with rising local wages, the criteria for Employment Pass have been tightened to ensure that Employment Pass holders are complementary to the local workforce. If you still choose to employ this candidate, you can submit an appeal. Before you do so, check the Self Assessment Tool on MOM's website

The application was filed after checking the SAT tool which resulted in eligibility for EP

Please advise if my status will change from Rejected to Pending or Rejected to Approved if MoM accepts the appeal.

* Appeal was filed by CEO which states I am important for them and correction in Fixed monthly salary.

Total Exp 19 Yrs, Current Role experience 8 years
UK graduation

Please also suggest if I stand a chance for EP.

Thanks n Rgds

Please understand that employer has to provide a valid reason why they want hire you, your value to the company and skills which unique in Singapore. Secondly, MoM does look into employer’s contribution into the society. Thirdly, MoM only wants what’s your fixed salary, they don’t care about your allowances or any other variable pay.

Sorry to say, MoM doesn’t give additional weight if CEO appeal or anyone else. It goes with the rationale, which I have mentioned above. Prepare a proper assessment before appealing.

But, at present chances are very slim as per MoM, you are not qualified to get EP because there is a mismatch to your salary, experience and qualification. Good luck

Hi Surya  thanks for the reply..
My company gave the reason why I am important to them as I am already working with my company in India since last 8 years.

Re Employers contribution: company is a brand new incorporation with 50k share capital and I will be the 1st person to join it.

I hope to get through this time though the chances are slim.


So, your role is to start up the company's Singapore office and, in the process, create local business and jobs?
If that is stated in the appeal justification letter and also shown in the new entity's business plan, you have good chances.
Please note that, in the past, internal transfers to Singapore were treated differently for work pass approval, but I am not sure if that is still the case. On the other hand, the rejection letter shows that the reasons lie within your  person and salary.

Hi Beppi  Thanks for reply, This is my 1st EP application, I have been to Singapore many times never overstayed no adverse record. SAT result shows I am eligible for EP, My college name is listed in the MoM data base, 19 yrs experience 8 yrs relevant experience. The agency which formed the company wrote my salary as

Salary Payable by : LOCAL
* Fixed Monthly Salary : 7,000.00 (S$)     
* Basic Monthly Salary : 7,000.00 (S$)     
Fixed Monthly Allowances : 0.00 (S$)   

In Appeal they said by mistake the wrote incorrect Salary the correct one is

Salary Payable by : LOCAL
* Fixed Monthly Salary : 14,070.00 (S$)     
* Basic Monthly Salary : 10,000.00 (S$)     
Fixed Monthly Allowances : 4070.00 (S$)   

I hope MoM accept my appeal,


Hopefully, MoM believes that the old salary (which is clearly too low for your level and seniority) was a typing error. They normally dislike increases in salary on appeal, as they are usually just an attempt to circumvent MoM's rules.
Th company should probably submit your work contract, stating the higher salary and signed before the first application, as proof!

Thanks Beppi..

Hi Beppi / Surya
HR informed me they received below message from MoM today, kindly let me know if its normal..

We know this appeal is important to you. However, we need more time to review it. We will make every effort to get back to you within the next 3 weeks.


Then please wait for the outcome, other than find another employer if you can’t wait. Good luck

Hi Beppi / Surya  Finally after 3.5 months my EP showed up as approved. Is there a possibility to know the EP is approved for how long. Thank you

Congrats.... Once you receive IPA letter from your employer, it must be stated there. Typically, 1yr or 2 yrs. welcome to Singapore.

Hi Surya  I am able to see

Pass Type

: Approved

Thank You Surya

After this msg how Long date mom take to approve your EP

Vivin joes :

After this msg how Long date mom take to approve your EP

Please read the first post in the thread "How long will my work pass application take" to get complete information about the process and timing!

Hi beppi
MOM need more time to review your appeal.We will get back to you within the next 3 weeks. msg from MOM.Is this normal.
surely they give results with in 3 weeks or take more

This is a common message.
Nothing is sure, except that MoM does whatever they want.

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