Best island for a 3 month relocation?


We are looking to relocate from Melbourne, Australia for 3 x 3month stints next year (3 different countries, 3 months in each)

One of the places we are considering is Greece (the islands) but we've only ever been on a short holiday before.  Just wanted to see if anyone can advise whether it's possible to live simply on $2500 AUD (1500 EURO) per month and where a good area/island might be? I understand some are more touristy & expensive than others.

We will be a couple with a 3yo and baby, we won't be working, just need a basic 2 bedroom furnished place somewhere we can relax and have some family time. We like the beach, countryside, nature, and just want to live like locals but somewhere nice and where there might be a few other expats.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Me and my husband relocated 7 months ago to Thassos island.
I am originally from UK and my husband is Israeli.. Have been living in Israel for 30 years and our kids and grandchildren are living there.
We decided to leave the rat race and try a new lifestyle... We have been to Thassos for holidays and love the island.

Thassos has kept its unique character and is a very green island..
You could live on 1,500 euro a month .
Thassos is close to the mainland (kavala) where there is an airport and good transport links...

There are alot of expats living here too.. A real mixture!

There's a forum "go Thassos" where you can find out things and ask any questions..that is where I started to find out about cost of living etc..

So good luck and if you have any questions you can write to me..

You might find it hard to find an apartment for 3months in the summer as everything is rented out to tourists..


Also the locals are so friendly and the nature here is outstanding... Beautiful beaches everywhere...


It is nearby Atena . 15 min with ferry and you are in Atena.

Hello,well there are so many islands to choose from,many of the islands would not be good in winter,dont know which three months you intend to be here.Crete of course is a great favorite,lots of expats,all the world wants Crete now it seems,Crete can be not good once the winter arrives.The further up you come the better the winter weather.Corfu is bad in winter though having said that.Sciathos is wonderful,Kythira just off the bottom of the Pellopennese is fabulous and not too touristy,the one where they filmed Captain Correlys Mandoline is stunning.Remember the middle of the summer can be real hot for your children but we dont have humidity here.Your money will be fine,bring your sun block with you as those things are expensive here.Ikaria is very famous now as a blue zone for long living,very friendly people there with many natural bubbling up from the ground  warm waters which are volcanic,the local councils have made some into spa baths,very lovely,they look like Roman bathes or theres natural ones you will see on your walking about that you can get into.You must be sure that there are medical facilities wherever you go as this government has pulled back funding on Islands and you have children with you.Many of the Island are very steep and require up hill climbing for the whole holiday which is sure difficult with children and when its hot so something to think about,sometimes you think..oh no not another flight of steps..But Crete may suit you very well,flights are many in and out of there,have a great happy holiday.

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