Considerations of buying a 2 bedroom flat in D2.

I am thinking of buying a 2bedroom apartment in D2 and would like to see how people already living there see the area.

Anyone living in D2 have something to say about the area?

The purpose of it is for investment. D2 has been focally re-introduced as the second CBD of HCM so I expect mostly expats and locals in the middle class living there. As far as I know the rent now is around USD750 for a 2bedroom apartment, are they willing to pay more to live in D2?

What is your view towards the area?

Would it be hard to find a tenant?

Are there any hidden customs that is different when compared to a typical westernized country?

I just moved in my new apt in Q2 New City.

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Basically the area is just apartments, some cafes and restaurants. Not a lot going for it really, but it depends on you how you want to live.

Everything is way overpriced in D2. Look into D7. People are flowing out to this area. Most apartments in D2 are too close to the highway and this can be an issue later when you're looking to sell. On the other hand, they're planning on building a metro line through D2 and that can give your investment a boost in the future. But we're talking 5 or 10 years down the road as the govt is running out of money to fund the project.

How's the general price in D2 for a 2bedroom apartment?

eileengu :

How's the general price in D2 for a 2bedroom apartment?

You need to state which part of D2.

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